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Functional Testing

SIPTECH has facilitated the testing efforts of many technology companies by either augmenting their testing teams or acting as their independent test team. This involved developing a wide range of functional tests for technology platforms, software products, and business applications , including testing of the application/product's user interface, APIs, functionality, interoperability, usability, installation, performance, etc. 

Key Benefits

  • SIPTECH has experience in performing both manual and automated functional testing using black box, white box and grey box methodologies for a wide range of software covering the entire spectrum of Java technologies. SIPTECH understands the complexities in cross platform testing and has a state-of-the-art lab equipped for the same.  

  • Since every project requires specific domain knowledge, SIPTECH works closely with the client to gather, gain and transfer the information to the offshore team. SIPTECH's involvement with the product starts from requirement gathering through first release and subsequent upgrades. 

  • SIPTECH uses several testing tools like Segue tools, Mercury tools, Unisyn tools as well as proprietary test harnesses like JavaTest. SIPTECH has its own proprietary test harness that is built over JUnit and Cactus. As a result of its expertise in platform testing, development of testing frameworks and contributions to several opensource test tools like JMeter and JMechanic, SIPTECH understands the limitations of various tools on different platforms and is able to utilize and combine the unique features of individual tools to the best advantage of its customer's needs.

  • SIPTECH has a core technology team that builds competence with various testing patterns and techniques like Category Partitioning and Exploratory Testing and uses these techniques to improve their processes.


  • SIPTECH has done API, functional and compatibility testing for the Java Soft division of Sun Microsystems to help them validate the Java Development Kit. J2SE was a continuously evolving technology so testing started from a very early stage of the development cycle and involved very close interaction between the development and testing teams. The services offered involved code inspections, line by line feature and functionality testing, testing of the public APIs and API documentation validation, stress and durability testing of Java Tools, and testing on multiple OS to ensure Java's promise of "Write-Once Run-Anywhere". 

  • Zaplet Appmail™ (now a product of MetricStream) is a web-based product, which will be used in enterprises with large number of users, for email based collaboration of business workflow. Hence the success of the product lies on its speed, supporting concurrent users and the ability to handle large volume of data. SIPTECH developed over 5000 functional tests and executed them on 8 primary and several secondary OS/Browser/E-mail Client combinations for consistent behavior and look and feel. Since the product was rather CPU intensive, product benchmarking and scalability testing was also a challenge, undertaken by SIPTECH.

  • Motorola is developing its next generation phones based on Java and Linux platforms. SIPTECH is part of this team which is validating the platform that will be used in these phones. The challenge before SIPTECH is to understand the mobile and wireless domain and validate the components that comprise this framework as well as the interface and interoperability between the various components.

  • The Elance Enterprise Solution is a services supply management solution. This is a highly data driven web based solution. SIPTECH has done the functionality and interoperability testing of the various modules of the system.