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Performance Testing

SIPTECH offers scalability, durability and reliability testing. We apply load and stress to the software to determine the optimum environment required to meet the set performance goals. In addition to performance benchmarking and identification of bottlenecks, we also provide tuning and optimization recommendations.

Key Benefits

  • SIPTECH has expertise in testing the performance of websites, web based applications, and technology based products. 

  • SIPTECH has experience with profiling tools like JProbe and JProfiler to detect memory leaks and identify performance bottlenecks, code analyzers like JLint and JDepend for design and data flow analysis, and load generation tools like LoadRunner, SilkPerformer and Rational Robot to mimic real world usage of the application. 

  • SIPTECH has a deep understanding of these tools due to contributions to open source performance testing and profiling tools like JMeter and JMechanic.

  • SIPTECH provides exhaustive performance metrics reports which are used for performance failure analysis. They also provide information like load and scalability levels at which there is degradation in response time, maximum concurrent hits that the system can take and recommended hardware and software for desired performance levels.


  • SIPTECH has tested Sun Microsystems' JavaTools and JavaExtensions for Stress and Reliability. The challenge was not only to test the tools over long periods of time, but to do the same across multiple platforms. SIPTECH set up a configuration lab comprising of various combinations of Windows, Solaris and Linux systems running on Intel and Sparc processors (11 different machines with 56 unique configuration) to test the JavaTM Virtual Machine Debugger Interface (JVMDI), JavaTM Debug Interface (JDI), Compiler, Applet, Java Archive, Java Documentation Generator, Class File Disassembler and J2EE tools like Deploy Tool and Verifier Tools. 

  • When SIPTECH was asked to test the performance of Zaplet Collaborative Business Platform (now a product of MetricStream) for its multiple releases and upgrades, SIPTECH started off by identifying the features that would be performance critical and the scenarios representing the functionalities that were critical from the point of view of stress and scalability. Silk Performer was used to simulate the load and JProbe was used to gather the data on various parameters like the response time, failures if any, CPU utilization and throughput. The test highlights included:-

    • Simulation of the real life user scenarios.

    • Response time for the application.

    • Verify if the product meets performance requirement.

    • Resource optimization recommendations (i.e. thread pools, connection pools, etc.)

    • Identifying Memory Leaks and Timeouts

    • Validating the durability of the product.

    • Server sizing for various loads and performance goals