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Compatibility Testing

SIPTECH's testing and validation service provides a reliable and cost effective way of validating the compatibility of the products and its functionalities across different platforms. 

Key Benefits

  • SIPTECH's broad skill base and depth of knowledge across various hardware, software, and infrastructure configurations contribute towards providing effective Compatibility Testing service. 

  • SIPTECH's experts work along with customer to identify the scope of compatibility based on customer requirements and expectations.

  • SIPTECH's Compatibility testing lab infrastructure includes various operating systems like Windows 95/98/2000, Linux, RHEL, Solaris running on Intel, SPARC based IBM, SUN Boxes; various J2EE servers, IDEs, mail clients etc.


  • Testing Zaplet Collaborative Business Platform (now a product of MetricStream Inc.,) across various combination of Operating Systems, J2EE server implementations, Browsers, Mail Clients and protocols.

 C/S Combinations One Way SSL Two Way SSL Netegrity Weblogic Borland Enterprise Server
 Win2000/NS6.1/Outlook2K x x   x  
 Win2000/IE5.5/Outlook2K x x   x  
 Win XP/Outlook XP/IE 6.0 x x   x  
 Win NT/IE5.0/Outlook98 x x   x  
 Win NT/NS 4.75/Outlook2K x x   x  
 Win98/NS6.1/NM6.1 x x   x  
 Solaris 8/NS 6.21/NM6.21 x x   x  
 Solaris 7/NS 4.73/NM 4.73 x x   x  
 Win 2000/NS 4.75/Eudora 5.0 x x x x x
 Win 2000/IE 5.5/Notes 5.0 x x   x  
  • Developing and execution of Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) and Technology Compatibility Kits (TCK) for Sun Microsystem's Java and J2EE Platforms across different Hardware and Software Configurations.

 Project Number of Tests Number of bugs filed by SIPTECH Bugs Filed by Developer Community Total Bugs Test Effectiveness
 JDBC - CTS ~2400 *** 0 *** ***
 JDK-Config Lab *** 52 0 52 100%
 Java2D JCK ~3000 80 0 80 100%
 Java IDL JCK *** 18 0 18 100%
 JES *** 24 0 24 100%
 J2EE *** 44 0 44 100%
 CORBA 400 09 0 09 100%
 GUI 200 158 13 171 92.39%
 AWT Bug Tracking 500 350 22 372 94.09%
  • Cross Platform Testing of CORBA for SUN Microsystems Inc.,

Test Suite includes:

  • POA Tests (Portable object Adapater)

  • Dynamic Any Tests

  • OTS Tests (Object Transaction Service)

  • PI Tests (Portable Interceptors)

  • GIOP Tests

  • The platform configurations are as listed below.

  Win 95 Solaris Solaris IA Linux RedHat / SuSe
 Win 95
 Win NT
 Solaris IA
 Linux RedHat / SuSe
  • Interoperability Testing

 Server / Client Win NT / Solaris Solaris / Win NT 
 J2SE ORB / Visibroker
 J2SE / IONA Orbix 2000
 IONA Orbix 2000 / J2SE
 Visibroker / J2SE

= Supported = Not Supported

  • Testing Motorola's next generation Linux based mobile platform across different simulators, Mobile devices and Protocols.