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Product Development

SIPTECH has been providing outsourced product development services to start-ups and medium-sized companies for almost a decade. Our heritage in product and platform testing uniquely positions us for providing product development services. We understand the importance of not only ensuring user related functionality but the need for efficient code, performance, and quality.

We offer the following types of product development services:

Modular Development: You can rely on SIPTECH to develop individual modules and integrate them with the final product.
Co-Development: SIPTECH will work jointly with your development teams using near-shore, offshore models.
Managed Development: SIPTECH will provide the necessary resources and infrastructure. You will be able to direct and manage the product development work.
Full Fledged Development: SIPTECH will take complete responsibility for developing your product, from idea to final delivery of product.
Build Operate Transfer: We will build a team and infrastructure for developing your product. After a few releases of the product, we can transfer the resources and infrastructure to you using our Build Operate Transfer (BOT) model.