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Engineering Services

SIPTECH is a leading provider of Engineering Drawing and Data Management solutions and services to Power and Process industries. The company's value proposition is to provide cost effective solutions and high quality service by leveraging the extensive experience, expertise and effective use of tools. This expertise and experience has been built over the past 7 years through projects delivered by a competent pool of engineers and through the partnership with leading Nuclear Power Plant - Kernkraftwerk Leibstadt (KKL), Switzerland.

CAD Solutions

SIPTECH's SIPidms (SIPTECH's Intelligent Drawing Management Solution) is an automated method of creating and handling changes to Plant Modification, P&ID's, Functional Control Diagrams and Signal Flow Diagrams and store their contents into secured database that results in changes to several thousand drawings each year. SIPidms, provides easy access and effective management of electronic drawing documents, reduction in manpower and man-hour. Using SIPidms, SIPTECH has already converted more than 25,000 drawings. Our drawing management system comprises intelligent layering schemes, drawing templates and standard symbol libraries. Any Nuclear Power Plant, Process industry organization that uses paper or electronic (computer files, email, fax, etc.) means for daily operations and workflow can apply and use a drawings document management solution.

CAD Customization/Automation

Development of application around the standard CAD packages such as MicroStation, MicroStation J, by making use of programmable features available in the respective CAD software's like MicroStation Development Language (MDL) and JMDL to meet customer's requirements. Independent Applications were developed using C, C++, Java, and Visual Basic programming interfaces to MicroStation to digitally represent, store and view CAD drawings for large number of Engineering / Plant documentation and store the drawing data in DBMS (Oracle/MS Sqlserver). These applications are typically used to represent, store and view CAD drawings for large number of Engineering/Plant documentation including P&ID's, Electronic Signal flow diagrams. Well-planned customization design tools will minimize errors in drawings, maximize efficiency by removing the most tedious tasks by automation and ensure the consistency throughout the process.