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Client Testimonial: Motorola

We have contracted with SIPTECH to develop and execute a subset of the tests for our next generation mobile phone platform. This relationship was started approximately 12 months ago and continues today. SIPTECH has made important contributions to meeting the goals of the project. SIPTECH has onsite test engineers located in our facilities at Mt. View, CA, Brazil, and Beijing, China, with the bulk of their effort and personnel located in Chennai, India. SIPTECH, in collaboration with our engineering and test teams, is contributing to the testing of the technology platform, user interface functionality, and test automation. We currently operate on two basic work models in our relationship with SIPTECH:

  1. SIPTECH test engineers have complete ownership of the testing of a particular component of the architecture and interface directly with our product development engineers and our test management,

  2. SIPTECH test engineers share responsibility of testing of a particular component with the Motorola test engineers, and interact with our test leads.

As the teams are dispersed geographically we have found that frequent communication contributes to the success of the project. In this pursuit, we have weekly phone conferences, for a particular component of the architecture, between the SIPTECH onsite test engineers, the Motorola test engineers, the SIPTECH engineers located in Chennai, and the Motorola product development engineers. In addition to these weekly phone conferences are daily communications using the telephone, emails or Instant Messaging.

Director of Test Engineering, Motorola's PCS Division


Motorola Inc., Brazil

Alice Arashiro, Manager - Applications 


Time Customer Service, Inc.
Having used large offshore vendors for past 10 years we have chosen SIPTECH for their responsiveness, flexibility and ability to quickly ramp resources for the period. Although still in early stages of project engagement, SIPTECH has made significant contributions in meeting client commitments.

David Bass, Manager - Applications 


We have contracted with SIPTECH to help develop a groupware, messaging, and collaboration product that interfaces with Microsoft's outlook product. This relationship was started approximately 4 years ago and continues today. SIPTECH, with their extensive Java and J2EE knowledge, has contributed significantly to meeting the goals of the project. In the latest release of Zaplet, SIPTECH engineers led the design and implementation of the key feature such as X.509 and digital signatures.

Harry Sun, VP Engineering, MetricStream