Work Culture

At SIPTECH, we believe that people are our biggest and most important assets. Employees consider work as a source of satisfaction. An open and transparent culture prevails in SIPTECH where learning is a part of every day life. Employees are always encouraged to use a high degree of imagination, ingenuity and creativity. We foster an environment where our employees not only accept but also seek responsibility. In short at SIPTECH, people love and enjoy doing their work. 

When it comes to work, SIPTECH strongly believes in freedom of expression. This freedom, in turn, helps create an open-door work culture where employees are free to air their view without fear of reprisal.

At SIPTECH we have identified certain core values, certain deep rooted principles which lead us, which guide us and which act as our light house. SIPTECH employees are expected to adhere to True to Type values.

Value systems act as a framework for our daily actions including decision making. The atmosphere allows for inclusive growth and is friendly and outgoing. At the same time, continuous feedback is provided to employees to help them with their performance and iron out chinks in their armor, if any.