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Global Delivery Model
All companies need to recognize that, in today's economy, "Time is money" and "resources are limited". Ensuring fast turn around of projects and quick time-to-market, demanded by users is now more vital than ever before ... Download White Paper

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Orthogonal Defects Classification (ODC)
SIPTECH has identified Orthogonal Defect Classification as one of the significant practices that need to be evaluated and integrated into every aspect of a quality testing practice  ... Download White Paper

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Category Partition Method (CPM)
Software testing is an extensive and difficult process for any realistic software system. It is even more so in the case of object oriented software and recent trends in component based development by making use of many third party components. By coming-up with a systematic test generation process, it is possible to have consistency and predictability across projects ...  Download White Paper

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Category Partition Method (CPM) Presentation
Presentation on Category Partition Method (CPM) made by SIPTECH at QAI's 5th Annual International Software Testing Conference 2005. ...  Download Presentation

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Benefits of Outsourced Testing
Cost savings is only one of the many benefits of outsourced testing. When combined with a global delivery model that includes onsite staff as well as offshore staff, the number of benefits quickly expand to include reduced time to market, improved product delivery processes, and flexible staffing models ...  Download White Paper

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