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Porting & Migration

A user may want to migrate to a different platform due to improved security, scalability, availability, TCO etc., available on a newer platform. The downside of migrating to a different platform typically means a new set of software products which needs to be mastered. This can be eliminated if the product in question is available on the target platform.

The above requirement of the end user forces product developers to make available their products on multiple platforms, so that they can reach and or widen their customer base. It is not always that a product is designed and developed with porting in mind, which would require significant amount of effort and expertise on multiple platforms.

Any how the cost, risk, effort and time involved in re-engineering a product for a new platform is far greater than the cost involved in porting the existing application.

SIPTECH having vast expertise in porting & migration of various applications and products would be able to provide the right solution for you.

Migration Process