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From a company's perspective it's a major source of regular revenue as well as long-term contracts. This helps to foster long term relationships with the clients which in turn open up more opportunities. From the employee point of view it helps them gain good domain knowledge and contributes to their long term career prospects. Multiple skills set in areas like project development, business re-engineering, and domain knowledge will be ultimately developed. Maintenance projects involves almost all the phases of a SDLC , like analysis, design, coding, unit testing, system testing, integration testing, regression testing, user support but may be on a smaller scale and scope as a development project . The constant and inevitable changes in Client requirements, Business Growth as well as technology updates drive Maintenance projects in most cases.

SIPTECH's expert leveraged management stabilizes, optimizes and maintains the application so that its functionality continues to meet the growing and changing needs. SIPTECH maintains the integrity of the software for cost effective client support and upgrades. And you control spending through predictable application maintenance costs.

Application Maintenance Small Enhancement / On-Site

Application Maintenance Large Enhancement / Off-Shore

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