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SIPTECH's Four Diamonds capture the clarity of our vision, the strength of our purpose, the intensity of our values and the facets of our business perspectives. We continually polish these diamonds through learning, practicing, and training. The result is four precious diamonds, each contributing to the brilliant light that shines from our Spirit of Quality.

Business Perspectives

Vision: The First Diamond

The Vision Diamond gives us a common and shared sense of purpose behind what we do.

"We want to be a company known for its quality of thought leadership and execution focus. We want to be the best in our chosen service offerings and industries".

  • Our customers choose us because we are committed to their business success. 

  • Our employees work with us because we provide them a platform that unlocks their potential.

  • Finally, our shareholders invest in us because they have confidence in our consistent ability to generate superior returns.

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Mission: The Second Diamond

The Mission Diamond provides us with a roadmap and helps measure progress towards our Vision.

"By December 2013, we will be known as one of the best mid-size Indian IT service companies measured by revenues, profitability, customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction". 

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Values: The Third Diamond

  • We succeed when our customers succeed
    We exist because of our customers. Therefore, we proactively take steps to ensure that the work that we do and the actions that we take are designed to make our customer successful. When that happens, we succeed.

  • Respect
    We respect every employee, every customer and every partner. Respect begins with professional courtesy in all our interactions and extends to preserving personal dignity.

  • Teamwork
    We believe in the power of teams and the power of collaborative efforts. Only teams can get big things done. Teamwork means that we are committed to the success of our colleagues and will do everything in our control to ensure that success.

  • Commit and strive for excellence
    Our success as a company depends on each individual performing to the best of his or her potential. We value and reward individuals who perform, especially those who go above and beyond their job requirements. We believe in providing and receiving feedback. 

  • Lead by example
    We believe in leading by example. Every employee leads by example in their own role and acts as a role model for others.

  • Learning, innovation and growth
    We look at our work as a process of learning from and teaching others. We believe that when we engage in a process of shared learning and teaching, we produce the most innovative ideas and the best work products that will help us grow together.

  • Honesty and Transparency
    At all times, we display high standards of honesty starting with Doing What We Say and Saying What We Do. We show honesty by our open and transparent communications with our customers and with each other.

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Business Perspectives: The Fourth Diamond

We look at our business using the four perspectives of the Balanced Scorecard. 

  • The Financial Perspective 

  • The Customer Perspective 

  • The Process Perspective

  • The Learning and Growth Perspective

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