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Porting Delphi application to C#/.Net
An European ERP vendor leading small medium enterprises wanted to port a Delphi tool, that facilitates internationalization support to C#/.Net with reuse as one of the primary goals... Download Case Study

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Module Testing Environment
A market leader in advanced set top boxes wanted a unit testing environment to validate tests at a module level while the product is still in early stages of development... Download Case Study

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Mobile Platform Feature Testing
Mobile devices based on the J2ME Connected Device Configuration are coming to market very quickly bringing with it new capabilities and challenges ... Download Case Study

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Interoperability Testing
Interoperability Testing is complex and demanding, but indispensable. The high demands of IOT on overall system expertise and the need for effective integration of results and experiences into the quality assurance processes ... Download Case Study

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Mobile Test Automation
A large mobile handset manufacturer requested SIPTECH to automate tests for messaging applications targeted for its next generation mobile platform  ... Download Case Study

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OWL Human Interface Package (HIPTM) PJ and J2
OWL was evaluating an engineering partner who could build the product rapidly and economically. With its track record of providing quality offshore product engineering services ... Download Case Study

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OWL Website
OWL wanted to redesign their website to showcase their products and to share their technology with ... Download Case Study

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Web JUnit
WebJUnit is a web based test harness that provides a web interface for the execution of test cases that follow JUnit3.7 and Cactus 1.4.1 frameworks ... Download Case Study

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SIPidms - Electronic Signal Flow Diagrams
This is a case study on the project done for KernKraftwerk Leibstadt AG (KKL), one of the largest nuclear power plants in Switzerland ... Download Case Study

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