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Financial Services and Insurance

From traditional software and connectivity solutions, to new service delivery technologies such as ATMs, mobile and Internet banking-the BFSI sector is rapidly moving up the IT value chain. The goal of this segment-to deliver "anytime, anywhere" services to customers is being realized through the use of IT.

Technology developments, stiff competition, regulations are leading to drastic changes in the global financial services industry. To enhance their competitive advantage in this changed environment, financial institutions are increasingly harnessing new technologies to provide superior customer offerings and streamline internal processes.

SIPTECH Financial Services practice leverages our extensive knowledge of the industry's business and technology drivers to deliver quick and innovative solutions.

Key benefits are:

  • Industry experience in USA, UK, Continental Europe
  • Experience in handling large customer engagements, developing mission-critical solution sets, and working with regulatory norms and compliances specific to various regions.
  • Strategic partnerships with leading Trade & Finance solutions vendor to develop SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) compliant payment systems for cross border payments across European Union.
  • SWIFT message processing with Middleware Suite.
  • Processing IBAN and BIC validations with Leading Reference Data solution.

Focus Area:
  • Compliance/Regulatory Adaptation Services (SEPA)
  • Trade and Finance Solutions
  • Corporate Banking Solutions
  • Life Assurance Solutions
Technologies and Standards:
  • Java / J2EE
  • Web Services
  • Business Intelligence
  • Middleware Suite